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Types of Tree Houses

Types of Tree Houses

Are you wondering what kind of tree house would work best for you and your family? Read this article!

There are three primary classifications of tree houses and they are as follows:

Tree FortTree House from Ground level

This type of tree house is constructed approximately 10 feet off the ground and includes a platform with safety railing. This tree house structure does not have solid walls or a roof, making it an idea lookout point for kids.

  • Great ways to use our Fort structure: Our Fort tree house lends itself to a wide range of possibilities. It makes an ideal location for a Nerf gun fight or a great hide out for planning a surprise attack. Mounting a telescope on the rail is a great addition to the structure and gives kids another way to explore. With the openness of the tree fort, kids will feel they are living dangerously. However, thanks to the safety railing and the quality construction, parents can be assured their kids will remain safe while having fun.

Tree House

This structure calls to mind the typical tree house look as it is has walls, a roof and windows. Once constructed, it looks like a small house situated amongst the trees.

  • Great way to use our Tree House structure: This structure is akin to the simple structure that has been popular for generations. Because our the tree house has walls, a roof and windows, kids can really tap into the wellspring of their imaginations and play house or create their own unique hang out where they can store their special possessions.

Luxury Tree House

This type of structure goes above and beyond your typical tree house. Some luxury tree houses are built with electrical service, amenities and even a sink! Electrical wires can be run underground from inside your home to the fort, to provide power for outdoor lighting, or beautiful mini Christmas lights to create ambiance. Plumbing is even possible with the right tree and permits!

  • Great way to use our Luxury Tree House: This structure is more grand than most people would dream of having as children. Since these structures can have a sink and lights, the Luxury Tree House will make the lucky kids who call it their own the envy of the neighborhood. Not to mention the fact that having electricity and plumbing makes this tree house the perfect location for summertime outdoor sleep overs.

The Tree House Brothers can build any tree structure imaginable. We are highly skilled woodworkers who hire out help in the form of sub contractors for any painting, plumbing or electrical needs. Safety is our #1 goal. Therefore, all our tree houses are built by experienced, registered and licensed builders.

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