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Tree House Building & Construction

Tree House Building & Construction


Tree House Building Brothers
James & Ryan McCarthy

The Tree House Brothers are master carpenters who have been building decks, houses and additions since 1999. We use our experience as tree house builders to draft precise plans for your custom tree house.

The Tree House Brothers:

  • Meet deadlines
  • Show up on time
  • Take all garbage and litter home, not on your property
  • Are licensed and insured
  • Care about doing the job right and worthy of our name
  • Use high quality, durable materials
  • Communicate with you about the project

Call James and Ryan, Connecticut’s Tree House Brothers, for your new tree house or tree fort.

How Custom Tree Houses Are Built

1. The Phone Call

Your new custom built tree house starts with a phone call or email to Connecticut’s Tree House Brothers, Ryan and James. James will start by listening to your ideas for your tree house- it’s time to tell James all about what you want!

What type of tree house did you have in mind? Is the tree house for Children or Adults? There are as many different types of tree houses as you can imagine, but we have grouped them into four categories.

1. Tree Fort: The first category consists of a basic deck with safety railing and a ships ladder. We like to call these tree forts. They provide a simple, elevated open-air escape for kids and adults, but do not have a roof or walls. The simple decking can be a small platform 8×8 for kids, or a large deck for entertaining guests.
2. Tree House: The second category is the largest and most popular. This may be what you picture when you hear “tree house.” These in-tree structures include walls, roof, & windows, which means they should also include waterproofing, siding, wainscoting and interior finishes. They can have a deck, spiral staircase, and a ‘finished’ look.
3. Kid’s Playscape: Our passion is tree houses, but not all children (and not all adults) feel comfortable with an elevated tree house. Additionally, you may not have a tree in your yard! The third category, Playscapes, is designed for these families- a ground level jungle gym, castle, house or pirate ship- any structure or shape you would like for your kids. You can even do mini replica of your own house!
4. Luxury Tree House: The fourth and final category is a custom, luxury tree house. These are typically built for adults or older kids an can include electricity. These have real windows, siding, installation and roofing. This is really like building a house in a tree. Once we get into these luxury tree houses, sometimes we need additional permits for anything considered “habitable.” These permits vary by town.

Once we get a feel for which category of tree house can be built, James may ask you questions about what you had in mind, like:

  • How many trees are included in your plans?
  • Is the tree house for children or adults?
  • Do you want a slide, rock climbing wall, fireman’s pole or other specialty add-ons?
  • What features did you want? A spiral staircase? Real windows? Cedar shingles? Siding?
  • Visit our Tree House Accessories page for videos and suggestions

From the simplest structure in the trees (a tree fort, with deck & railing) to a vast adult escape, we work with you and your budget to create any outdoor oasis you can imagine.

2. The Home Visit

The Tree House Brothers work with your schedule to visit your home, typically after the work day is done or on weekends. At the home visit, Ryan and James will go over every detail of construction. They will need to thoroughly inspect the tree for certain insects, mold, broken branches or any sigh of decay. If there is any question about the tree’s health whatsoever, a licensed arborist will be called in for inspection or another tree will be chosen.

Safety is the Tree House Brother’s #1 priority over anything else. Even if that means telling the client, “We cannot take this job.”

After getting every finite detail of your tree house and inspecting the tree, the Tree House Brothers return to the shop for phase 3.

3. The Proposal

Tree House Brothers draw up a proposal and draft 3D computer plans with specialized design software. This software, along with over a decade of professional building experience, insures that the tree house will support your family safely and is a sound structure. We also write up a contract to protect both parties.

4. Start Date & Timeline

Upon accepting our proposal we provide a start date and estimated end date. (Our tree houses usually take about a full work week to build.) At this time we request the signed contract with the first of three payments. We buy initial material with this check, and we request the second payment on the first day of the build.

5. Begin Construction!

The building process is different for each and every tree house we build – But our #1 priority always stays the same- Safety. On the first day we remove lose limps or any debris that may fall during construction or in the near future. Upon request, we can make sure we put the ladder up last. This helps prevent your children from climbing on the tree house during construction. Final payment is due when we have finished.


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