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Tree House Builders = Get Back to Nature

Tree House Builders Can Help Bring Your Kids Back to Nature

Let’s face it. Today’s kids are more connected than ever before. But do all their electronic devices help them stay in touch with things that are really important? Sure, they are ‘socially active’ but there is a certain personal aspect that often seems to be missing when everyone has their eyes glued to a smartphone, video game console or tablet for long hours of the day.

tree house builders help get kids outside

Tree house built by the brothers in Newtown, CT – 2013

Times Have Changed

Remember the days of your childhood when you were outside most of the day? Whether you lived in the woods of Connecticut or whether you lived in a city like Stamford, CT and could only explore your own neighborhood, the thrill of discovering new things and testing out ideas outside is what childhood back was all about back then. These days, it can be hard to get kids outside. The allure of their electronic devices is often too strong and the novelty of your backyard wears off without something that draws them out.

Tree Houses Have Changed Too

Perhaps you had a tree house when you were a child. Tree house builders today are far more experienced than the ones of your childhood. Those older tree houses seemed to be made of spare nails and rickety boards. Modern tree houses can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be. All it takes is an idea and the expertise of an experienced tree house builder and a tree house design is born.

Boys playing in unfinished Tree House

James McCarthy’s children – 2012

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Having a tree house resting within the canopy of trees enables your children to really experience all that the great outdoors has to offer them. While the natural inclination is to have a tree house built in among the trees, (which is the case most of the tree houses we build) it does not necessarily have to be done that way. Even if your yard is not blessed with trees, your children can still enjoy the benefits of getting back to nature.

Whether you choose to have a tree house in the trees or if you want to simply allow your children to experience the thrills of being in a tree house from the ground floor, experienced tree house builders can safely build a tree house, and add slides, rope ladders, even water balloon sling shots and hidden doors. Indeed, the sky is the limit when it comes to having a tree house built.

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