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A Tree House Home Office

Tree Houses for Adults!

The open air, calm atmosphere and overall coolness of treetop structures make them great places for adults to work and relax in.

Imagine drinking your first cup of coffee with the birds in the morning breeze, watching the sunrise from your perch in the sky. Escape from the distractions of ringing cell phones, needy inboxes and bickering kids by scampering up to the tree house in the middle of the day. Unwind from a busy workday by watching the sunset from a new perspective. Sleep in the cool midnight breeze, away from noisy air conditioners, on a hot summer night. Reversely, use that calm outdoor space to conduct business. Where better to inspire new, progressive or innovative thinking than from a treetop?

Tree houses are not just for kids anymore – the tree house brothers are skilled builders who construct sturdy, sophisticated structures that are well made and fit for a king or queen, creating the perfect place to get away from it all without leaving your own back yard.

An Adult Tree House is Your Office Away From Hometree with office symbols in house shape

The tree house brothers build so much more than a floor between two branches – they create a sturdy treetop palace. The structure will be strong enough to support you and any adult visitors you might have.

The brothers are professional tree house builders who utilizes good construction practices and offer plenty of accessories. They will add sturdy walls, a roof, and windows for a fantastic view. Once completed, it will look like a regular house nestled in the branches of a tree.

Do you work from home? Ditch the home office for a tree house office – grab your cell phone and laptop then get to work. You will have a better view than from any corner office at company headquarters. You can even have furniture built to scale for your tree house so you can work in style and comfort.

You will get a surprising amount of work done in your office in the sky. Aside from the view, there are very few distractions up there. Play your favorite music or simply listen to the birds sing.

Sneak up with a bottle of wine on a starry night. Bring an extra glass and a friend for even more fun. Mount a high-powered telescope on a railing for gazing at the stars.

You might be all grown up but a tree house frees the kid inside you. Install adult-sized rope swings, seated swings, tire swings and more tree house accessories for a fun break during work hours. (For even more fun, request a plastic slide or fireman’s pole so you can make an exciting escape!)

Your kids will likely be jealous of your adult tree house so you will have to help them build their own. Or, even better, ask the brothers to construct a safe, fun playhouse for your kids so they will stay out of yours. Escape the office and run away from home to your secret getaway in the sky – your own personal adult tree house.

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