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Tree House Accessories

Tree House Accessories

There are thousands of tree house accessories available to help make your Connecticut tree house as unique and fun as possible!

Slides & Fireman’s pole

Plastic slides or metal poles can be installed for a quick an exciting escape!

Pulley Systems for Supplies

No tree house is complete without a way lift supplies! Since rope ladders or spiral staircases are standard in a tree house, it is important that children do not carry supplies up themselves- They need both hands to hold the ladder or railing! Our pulley systems are simple (basket on one end, rope on another) and they are included for no extra charge!

Trap door or Floor Door

Pull a rope to open and close the door.

Watch these videos to see a tree house two different trap door (or floor door) and bucket pulley system in action!

Miniature or To-Scale Tree House Furniture

Furniture specially designed for your child and the tree house.

Rope Swings, Seated Swings & Tire Swings

Fun features even without a tree house attached!

Tree House Outdoor Electricity

Those mini Christmas lights look amazing year round on your tree house. Use outdoor electricity to host camping events for your child’s birthday. In some Connecticut towns, bringing electricity to a tree house changes it’s classification from “playground equipment” to “habitable.” In this case you would have to get special permits, but this is easily bypassed with an extra long extension cord. *wink*


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