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Luxury Tree Houses for Grown Ups

Most people think of a tree house as a place for children to hide and play. While this is true in many cases, did you know you can have a tree house specifically designed and built for adults? A custom-designed, luxury tree house can be like having an extra “room” in a tree. This style of tree house includes real siding, roofing and windows which provide aesthetic value and protection from the weather. Plus, with a finished interior and amenities, you can enjoy doing almost anything in your tree house that you’d do in your actual home.

Ways to Use a Luxury Tree House

  • Home office space
  • Outdoor dining area
  • Teen hangout
  • Guest bedroom
  • Additional den or living “room”
  • Protected storage space

A luxury tree house can offer amenities that a traditional tree house doesn’t provide. Essentially, you’re adding outdoor living space to your property that can be used for much more than child’s play. Because it’s in a tree, your luxury tree house will be the most interesting and unique “room” of your house.

Add Value to Your Home

A luxury tree house adds value to your property. If you’re planning to sell your home in the future, an attractive, easily accessible, outdoor living space adds value in the minds of prospective buyers. The fact that your luxury tree house provides protection from the weather makes it immensely more useful than a standard deck or patio, especially if you add electricity and other amenities to it. This type of structure truly feels like an annex to your home that can be used year-round. Plus, you just can’t beat the view!

Special Features for Your Luxury Tree House

Seize the opportunity to add fun accessories and features that are not available (or as fun) in other types of structures. Popular tree house features and accessories include:

  • Hidden trap door
  • Slide
  • Spiral staircase
  • Rope ladder
  • Swing
  • Pulley system

A luxury tree house is custom-designed for your specific preferences and landscape, and your options are limitless when it comes to choosing features. Fill out the form or call the Tree House Brothers today: 860-575-2861  Like others before you, building a luxury tree house on your property may be the best exterior decision you’ve made!