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Tree House Brothers James & Ryan McCarthy Win Clinton Connecticut’s ‘Heritage Days’ 2013 Build A Boat Race.

September 1st, 2013 – Clinton, CT- Brothers James & Ryan McCarthy with their uncle Joe Beauvais are the winners of Clinton CT’s 2013 Heritage Days ‘Build a Boat Race.’ The competition started on Saturday, August 31st behind the Clinton town hall.

James, Joe and Ryan from the Build a boat race in Clinton, CTNine teams were provided with plywood, two by fours, furring strips and glue to make a boat in less than 6 hours, using only hand tools. The teams were allowed to spend between $16.63 (Clinton was founded in 1663) and up to $20.13 additional to customize the vessel. The brothers, who are both skilled carpenters, spent the additional cash on Gorilla Glue. James, Joe and Ryan completed their boat “Family Tides” in less than 2 hours. It was painted by James’s sons Walker and Noah.

The boats were taken to Clinton town dock, also called Esposito beach, for the race, which began promptly after the ‘dog jumping’ contest at 11AM Sunday morning.

The race was split into 3 heats with a final round to determine the winner. All of the competing boats stayed afloat, and the race was close, but the McCarthy’s quick ‘turn around’ speed gave them a significant lead to win the races.

Watch the Video:

James and Ryan McCarthy grew up in Clinton Connecticut, as did their parents, and their grandparents. They are proud of their local heritage and deep roots in Clinton. Today also marks the birthdate of the boys’ Mother, Pamela McCarthy.

After the race, the family went to The Aqua Restaurant to celebrate both the win and Momma Mac’s birthday.

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