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Why You Should Give a Tree House as a Gift

If you are 30 or older, there is a good chance you spent your childhood outdoors- running, jumping and climbing for hours on end. As a child, all it took was a good imagination to fill your day with wonder and excitement. Today, things have changed. Modern kids simply aren’t playing outside. In fact, according to research, they spend an average of 7 hours each day behind an electronic screen while they spend a dismal 30 minutes in unstructured outdoor play. As a result, Christmas and birthday gift wishes are often electronics. Instead of asking for a new bike, they ask for an iPad. Outdoor gifts such as bikes or tree houses encourage physical, imaginative play, which has been shown to be beneficial to kids in a variety of ways.

Give a Tree House Gift for Your Child’s Health

When children play outdoors, they run, jump, hop, climb, ride, skate. As a result, they stay fit and healthy. The obesity rate for American children has more than doubled over the last 20 years and the reduction in outdoor play plays a role. Building a tree house can help increase the time they spend outside and impact your child’s overall fitness levels. In addition, being outdoors can raise a child’s Vitamin D levels, protecting them from future health problems such as diabetes, heart disease or bone problems just to name a few.

Give a Tree House Gift for Your Child’s Emotional State

In addition to the health benefits, being outside also helps children become centered emotionally. Some experts believe that exposing children to natural settings can decrease ADHD symptoms (source). The woods, trees, nature that surrounds us can be a calming place, away from loud noises or flashing screens. In fact, the only background noise kids are likely to hear is the chirping of real birds, not ‘Angry Birds’. Or the sound of leaves crushing under their feet, instead of ‘Candy Crushing’ in their hand.

When we take away the technology, maybe just for just two hours, we can help take away their stress. Outdoor free play can protect a child’s emotional health as they are able to imagine, play and dream all without the confines of school rules or structured activities. Even adults become stressed when they are too busy and harried in life. When was the last time you did nothing?

thank-you-card-frontGive a Tree House as a Gift to Promote Bonding

In addition to the health and emotional benefits, giving a tree house as a gift instead of an electronic item can give you a chance to bond. Instead of watching your child use a digital sling shot to knock down targets in Angry Birds,  you can teach them how to use their own water balloon sling shot from the tree house decking to ward off intruders. Or, while they are enjoying their new tree house, you can share with them how you and your siblings used to play house in your own tree house, or how you would stow your most treasured possessions in the confines of your beloved home in the trees. Giving your children a tree house of their own opens the door for you to share your childhood memories with them.

For all the reasons listed above and countless others, consider going against the grain and calling The Tree House Brothers for your child’s next special event instead of the latest electronic gadget.