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Custom Indoor Tree House in Brooklyn New York

Connecticut’s Tree House Brothers Build Custom Indoor Tree House for Homeless Children of New York

Custom Indoor Tree House Play House in Bushwick Brooklyn New YorkIf you regularly watch The Today Show then you must be familiar with its Shine a Light initiative. At the beginning of the year, this 4-hour news/entertainment program made a commitment to reach out to their New York community. Each anchor (and there are a lot of them!) chose a cause they wanted to support, and they got to work.

For Willie Geist, the choice was easy. He wanted to help the homeless children in New York, and what better way to do so than by transforming their boring, not-even-close-to-kid-centric recreation room at the Bushwick Family Residence in Brooklyn, New York. His goal? To provide the children with a room that inspires creativity, promotes interaction, and gives them an escape from the troubles of everyday life.

When the Tree House Brothers James and Ryan McCarthy heard about the project, of course they wanted to be involved. Giving kids a retreat is what they do best. They got straight to work creating a custom indoor tree house that would be the focal point of the room. As far as the kids are concerned, the Tree House Brothers of Connecticut hit a homerun. When the room was unveiled to the children, they all ran straight to the custom play house—it even includes a slide.

The fun aesthetics of the custom indoor tree house blend in perfectly with the bright colors the rest of the room displays. It is pretty much a guarantee that this renovated room is going to be the children’s new favorite hangout, allowing them to forget about life’s worries for a moment and just enjoy being a kid.

Thank You! from the Tree House Brothers of Connecticut

Indoor Tree House New YorkThe Tree House Brothers James and Ryan McCarthy where honored to be a part of this inspiring indoor tree house project. But, of course, they couldn’t have built such an impressive custom play house in such short notice without a little help.

The Tree House Brothers of Connecticut would first like to thank Tanisha Holland. She is the store manager of the Home Depot closest to the shelter in New York. Not only did Home Depot donate all of the supplies needed for the custom indoor tree house, Tanisha ensured they were all delivered on time. And she didn’t even miss one item. Amazing. Another shout-out goes to Team Home Depot, a group of hard working volunteers, for meticulously painting the custom play house, making The Tree House Brothers’ creation really come to life.

And finally, without the participation of these outstanding people, the custom indoor tree house project would not have been possible:

  • Willie Geist – The Today Show anchor who sparked the idea and oversaw the entire transformation.
  • Elaine Griffin – The talented designer who reached out to the brothers, and whose keen eye for detail really made the custom play house pop with her additions of trees, moss, and more.
  • Bright Horizons Foundation for Children – Both the organization and their president, Mark Mendel.

The Tree House Brothers James and Ryan McCarthy will never forget the experience and they will be forever grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Shine a Light initiative.

Watch the Video:

Custom Indoor Tree House at the Bushwick Family Residence in Brooklyn, New York

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